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If you see something that I've forgotten to credit, drop me a line on this post and I'll add it.

icon resources

meleada, caotic_girl, tove_91, ohpaintbrush, icons_with_love, paperdolldesign, dearest, blimey_icons, a_fallenstar, jounins, cosmo_mouse, crystalkirk, dj43, chouchoune, whitetomb, iconisms, _coquettish, im_glas, aswintermelts, dirrtylady, unioncity, 3am_icons, anesthezea, awmpdotnet, colorfilter, icontemplation, bittenicons, ownthesunshine, 77words, stereocafe, soaked, grafixed_arts, soghislaine, zakurographics, serenbutter

image, stock, and texture resources

fakingfashion, maleeditorials, mixologies, foto_decadent, bamboo_house, film_stills, tv_stills, resurgere, modelhommes, the fashion spot, bellazon, models.com, sxc.hu

miscellaneous resources

icon table generator

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